DNC Games

DNC Games is a branch of Aldora Games. While Aldora Games gives us financial solvency, DNC Games allows us to unleash the creation of more ambitious projects, to developing new and bigger titles for other platforms with higher performance than Nintendo Switch, such as PC, XBOX or PS5.

Developing for these platforms allows us to create hyper-realistic games where we can create extensive stories, create open worlds and fully exploit the technical capabilities of the new consoles, offering ultra-detailed next-generation graphics.

Dystopolitan: The Hidden Truth

«Dystopolitan» is set in a dystopian and oppressive futuristic metropolis called NeonCity. In this city, neon-lit skyscrapers and endless advertisements dominate the landscape, creating an overwhelming and claustrophobic atmosphere. In the near future, humanity faces a severe crisis due to the scarcity of oxygen, forcing the population to work tirelessly to stay alive.

Al Andalus 711: Epic history battle game

Al Andalus 711 is a first-person graphic adventure game set in a historical version of medieval Spain from the 8th century. The player takes on the role of a young fisherman who will travel to a series of locations to carry out different missions.

Monster Slayer Extermination

Monster Slayer Extermination es el primer capítulo de la saga, y en su edición de Torneo podrás competir con otros amigos para ver quien es el mejor exterminador. Podrás ver una amplia variedad de enemigos como anticipo a lo que será la próxima actualización mientras preparamos el modo historia.

Monster Slayer Extermination VR

In this game you will have to survive waves of zombies that will pile up on the ground while you make your way to the army rescue helicopter that is evacuating the survivors from the city.